Pompous Spice recipe

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This spice mix is great on it’s own, or as versatile base for creating new blends. Most spices grind well in a blender (I use a Bullet) or a coffee grinder. Nutmeg grates well with a microplane. If you are using green cardamom pods crush the pods first to release the seeds. Discard the husk.


2 tsp. Allspice 4 gms

2 Tbs. Cinnamon 15 gms

1 Tbs. Clove 5 gms

3Tbs. 1 tsp. Ginger (dry) 17

2 pcs. Nutmeg 7gms

½ tsp. Cardamom seeds 1.5 gms. (from 1 Tbs. Seed pods)



Measure and grind each spice. Some pieces such as cinnamon stick, if using, would need to be broken down before grinding. Store in a 2oz, container (regular spice jar size) up to 2 months.

This spice recipe has similar ratios to many sweet spice mixes. Below Pompous Spice is compared to Chai and Quatre Epices formulas.

These formulas are for 100gms of product. Quatre Epices has the addition of pepper and cloves. Chai has a cardamom emphasis and a touch of pepper. Apple pie spice (not listed) just needs double cinnamon. Dividing by 10 would give an amount sufficient for most recipes. These spices are approximately 2gms. per teaspoon if you wish to convert to volume measures.

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